21.3.2016 - Sonic Violence - OUT NOW

Sonic Violence has been released in public today. International shipping via EBM Records, order here. Domestic retailers will be announced later.

8.10.2013 - Kick ass Zipped - hoodie

New zipped-hoodies are out now for 35€! Order your own by mailing us size you want, your address and name to . You'll get confirmation that tells you a bank account where to pay your order. No hand to hand cash will be taken. We take hoodies only for those who makes pre-order. In Varkaus-area you can pick your hoodie direct from us, otherwise by post, and you will handle postages. We take orders until 4.11.2013, after that you'll freeze without hoodie! Hoodies are going to print in 5.11. and in couple of weeks they are ready for you. Product is heavy-duty quality.

21.4.2013 - Nuclear Death

This is what you are waited for a while, Nuclear Death will be released at May 24th 2013 by Violent Journey Records! Release party is set to Steelfest Open Air 2013. Check out the cover and track list here! Cover art by Mr. Juanjo Castellano!

Pre-order album at Recordshop X, worldwide shipping!

3.1.2013 - New years updates!

The new EP's materials has been recorded and mixed/mastered some time ago. And hopefully it will be released soon. Name of the album is going to be 'Nuclear Death' and as the name suggests it will be full of death, rotten and for sure pure thrash.

Stay tuned!

6.8.2012 - New song! LIVE AND LOUD!

New song from last weekend rehearsal sessions! Like it and share it!


22.3.2012 - SignMeTo Roadrunner

Hey guys! Now we need your help. Click the image below and press "LIKE", listen to our music, rate/review it and SHARE this link! This will only take less than 5min of your time. This could even lead up to a record deal, or at least a valuable feedback from A&R staff. Show your support! CHEERS!

2013 3.3.2012 - Hey dudes and dudettes!

Nowadays our management and booking is provided by AK-Agency's Allu Kettunen! Welcome Allu to our Unho family! CHEERS!
Check out contact page for more info!
AK-Agency homepage

20.2.2012 - Finnish Metal Awards!

Unhoped's debut album 'Die Harder' got seventh place in last year's best demo/self-release chart! Voices were given a total of over 20K, thanks you to all who voted us!

Check out the complete top10 lists here!

13.12.2011 - Tidal Wave music video!

Finally we've released our first official music video from 'Die Harder' album! Video materials are filmed during summer/fall/winter 2011 gigs.
Stay tuned, hopefully there is more to come!

7.9.2011 - New site and merch order infos!

Hello thrashers! A new site is finally open and Unhoped`s next effort on the frontline of metal, "Die Harder" is out now! For orders inside Finland, , please tell us your name, address and merch you want to buy.

For international orders, check Recordshop X!

Keep on röcking!


A. Paasu - M. Huisko - J. Luostarinen - K. Laanto - S. Parviainen

Unhoped is formed at the end of the year 2007. The first alignment of the band consisted of K. Laanto and A. Paasu on guitars, M. Huisko on drums, S. Parviainen on bass and L. Viertola in vocal duties. The result was the first EP, "First Blood" at the beginning of 2010. The band decided to change their vocalist to J. Luostarinen during the recordings of their second record "Die Harder". On "Die Harder" Unhoped still plays fast thrash- orientated metal, but music itself tells more than a thousand words so check our achievements!

discography & merch

nuclear death
  1. Pestilence
  2. Modern State of Sodomy
  3. Eternal Infernal
  4. Empire of Lies
  5. Nuclear Death

  • 2013, Violent Journey Records
  • Recorded at Studio Unhola by Unhoped except drums at TCR Studios by O. "Delete" Huttunen
  • Mixed by K. Laanto
  • Mastered by K. Laanto
  • All music and lyrics by Unhoped
  • Quest solos by E. Kukkonen / Sakreme and R. Repo / HC Hänninen
  • Cover art by Mr. Juanjo Castellano

die harder
  1. Entering the World of Pain
  2. Shattered Shield
  3. Art of War (Written in Blood)
  4. Tidal Wave
  5. Priest's Collars on a Serpents Neck
  6. Endless Walker
  7. Consumed
  8. No Harm Done

  • 2011, Self released
  • Recorded at Studio Unhola by Unhoped except drums at TCR Studios by O. "Delete" Huttunen
  • Mixed by K. Laanto
  • Mastered by O. Huttunen
  • All music and lyrics by Unhoped
  • Cover art by Juraimy Jumali

Mökki Mayhem Pt.1
  1. Consumed
  2. No Harm Done

  • 2010
  • Internet single release
  • Recorded at Mökki by Unhoped
  • Mixed by K. Laanto
  • Mastered by O. Huttunen
  • All music and lyrics by Unhoped
  • Cover art by some drunk asswipe band member

first blood
  1. Empty Cell
  2. Hatred Rise
  3. Overhang
  4. Pyre
  5. Third God
  6. Burnt Sacrifice

  • 2010, Self released
  • Recorded at Studio Unhola by Unhoped
  • Mixed and mastered by K. Laanto
  • All music and lyrics by Unhoped
  • Cover art by Teemu Strömberg

  1. Die Harder CD
  2. First Blood EP
  3. T-Shirt
  4. Trucker cap
  5. Patch

CDs and other merch can be purchased from the band at gigs or merch table if there is one. Shipping directly from us only inside the Finland!

Orders inside Finland, , please tell us your name, address and merch you want to buy. We'll send to you message where you can find bank account number where to pay your order. When we see your payment we send the package.

For international orders check Recordstore X!


Violent Journey Records


forthcoming shows

No show!

past shows

4.12.2015 - Varkaus, Live 2015! @ Club Cannes
(w/ Napavasara) Tickets: 3€

23.1.2016 - Pieksämäki, PP Vol.5 @ Corona Music Bar Cafe
(w/ HC Hänninen, Violent Failure, Prospective Reign) Tickets: 4€

20.3.2015 - Pori @ Baarikaappi
(w/ Corpsessed, Cauldron of Hate) Tickets: 6€

11.4.2015 - Joensuu @ SMC LIVE! @ La Barre
(w/ Distral, Maniac Abductor) Tickets: 3/5€

10.10.2014 - Varkaus @ Z-One (w/ Inkvisitor, Flailing)

11.10.2014 - Pieksämäki @ Corona Music Bar Cafe (w/ Inkvisitor)

27.9.2014 - Jyväskylä @ Katse Ravintolat (w/ Inkvisitor)

26.9.2014 - Oulu @ Hevimesta (w/ Inkvisitor)

12.9.2014 - Kuopio @ Pekan Pub (w/ Voara, Inkvisitor)

30.8.2014 - Pori @ Annis (w/ Axegressor, Reliatory Measures, Aratic, Cross to Bear)

23.8.2014 - Varkaus @ TCR Piknik (w/ Flailing, Turta, Napavasara)

31.5.2014 - Riihimäki, Death Metal over Riihimäki @ Escape (w/ Corpsessed, Malicious) Tickets: 4€

26.4.2014 - Oulu @ Hevimesta
(w/ Aratic)

17.4.2014 - Varkaus, Pashafest @ Next Step (w/ Turta, Napavasara, Chaos) Tickets: 5 €

27.-28.9.2013 - Jyväskylä, Tumma Paahto @Katse Ravintolat
(w/ Lost Society, Inkvisitor) Tickets: One day ticket 5/3€, Two days ticket 8/5€

31.8.2013 - Pieksämäki, Heikinlampi Punk @Corona Music Bar Cafe
(w/ HC Hänninen, Prospective Reign and many more) Tickets: 2€
(Gig poster)

24.-25.4.2013 - Hyvinkää, Steelfest Open Air 2013
(w/ Sodom, Destruction and many more!) Tickets&Info: Check here!

8.2.2013 - Pieksämäki, Corona Music Bar Cafe
(w/ Corpsessed) Tickets: Coat fee
(Gig poster)

9.2.2013 - Varkaus, Next Step
(w/ Corpsessed) Tickets: 3€
(Gig poster)

6.10.2012 - Jyväskylä, Pub Katse
(w/ Dark Days Ahead) | Free access

8.9.2012 - Lappeenranta, Lucky Monkeys
(w/Lunarchosis, Anomia) Tickets: 4€

24.8.2012 - Varkaus, Wanuva rock
(w/Check the link to the event) | Free access

26.7.2012 - Kuopio, Theft City Rock -club @Henry's Pub
(w/Gotham O.D., Red Eleven) Tickets: 5€

21.6.2012 - Kuopio, Henry's Pub
(w/REDEYE, Amanita Virosa) Tickets: Free access

5.4.2012 - Varkaus, Pashafes@NextStep
(w/ Sakreme, NAM!KA) Tickets: 5€

9.12.2011 - Pieksämäki, Corona Music Bar Cafe

5.12.2011 - Jyväskylä, Pub Katse
(w/ Bone5)

3.12.2011 - Varkaus, Bone5's album release party @ Z-One
(w/ Bone5, Beyond the Dream) Tickets: 8€

27.8.2011 - Varkaus, Theft City Rock
(/w Wanhat Ajat, Eläin, Mullets n' Bullets, Gotham O.D, The Blanko, FM2000)

15.7.2011 - Jäppilä, Sacrifest
(w/ Sakreme, Wanhat Ajat, Human Waste Disposal Unit, Nistikko)

17.6.2011 - Jyväskylä, Pub Katse
(w/ Hammerhed)

1.6.2011 - Pieksämäki, Wanhat Weturitallit
(w/ The Blanko, FM2000, Gotham O.D, Turta, Hammerhed, Beyond the Dream, HC Hänninen)

21.4.2011 - Varkaus, Pashafest@Next Step
(w/Hammerhed, Dark Days Ahead) Tickets: 5€

29.5.2010 - Varkaus, Theft City Rock
(w/Se, josta ei puhuta, Bone5, BloodRedSky, Iconcrash, Whitelines...)

7.5.2010 - Varkaus, Tori-Torppa

11.12.2009 - Varkaus, Tori-Torppa
(w/Turta, Cellar Inc, Wanhat Ajat, Hexen)

forthcoming shows

No forthcoming shows right now!

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